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Our proposed program COLL.A.B, "Empowerment Through Art, Baseball, and Trade," aims to 

Collaborative  and Partnerships: The organization will actively seek collaborations and partnerships with other relevant organizations and stakeholders to share resources and expertise. This will help expand the reach of the program and increase its impact on the lives of inner city kids.


Baseball and Bat


We at G.B.A.S.P are dedicated to improving recreation, welfare, and physical development opportunities for youth in the communities, while creating a safe, healthy, fun environment.

Gator Baseball Program: We recognize the importance of physical activity and teamwork in promoting overall well-being. Therefore, we propose to establish a baseball league specifically tailored to the needs of inner city kids. This initiative will provide them with an opportunity to improve their athletic abilities, develop teamwork skills, and learn valuable life lessons through the sport.



G.B.A.S.P intends to-

1. Provide sports mentorship, nutritional education, and youth employment opportunity.

2. Provide a resource to Communities by providing a safe place for the youth.

3. Develop fundamentally sound athletic players, prepare them physically, mentally and emotionally to play to their fullest potentials and represent the community/School in organized sports tournaments.



Nutrition/Skills & Drills/Speed & Agility Training/Aquatics, Sports Financial Literacy & Classroom instructions.

Coach Gator is dedicated to improving recreation, welfare, and physical development opportunities for youth in the Cleveland and surrounding areas, while creating a safe, healthy, fun environment.  Sports are a major activity and unifier worldwide.  People unite worldwide for sports crossing all racial and socioeconomic barriers.   G.B.A.S.P. was founded and established Sept 2018 by Wallace Richardson, affectionately known as “Coach Gator.”   Today’s youth face various hardship and challenges – economic deficits, single parent homes, peer pressure, etc.  Many simply face lack of hope, motivation, and support.  There aren’t enough opportunities and facilities available to address this issue of today’s G.B.A.S.P. is a group of highly qualified and credible coaches and trainers that offer: Skills & drills program, speed & agility training, aquatics & classroom instructions.  This same group of coaches and trainers will provide mentorship and child development which enriches the mental and physical development of the children involved in the program.   G.B.A.S.P. Goals: To develop young men and women to be the best athletes and individuals they possibly can while enjoying themselves in a healthy, loving, and caring environment.

Coach Gator
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